Butternut Squash and Spinach Gnocchi

Okay, so I’ve got a thing for wine.

Let’s back up a moment.  I am the person who can go to TJMaxx and, inevitably, out of all the bags hanging there so nicely sorted by color, pick out the purse that is $300+.  It looks amazing, it feels amazing… and my oh my, it smells A-MAZ-ING!  Some hot man in Italy probably hand died the leather and hammered in the hardware.  It’s art in my eyes.  I caress it longingly and then realize that it’s about half my mortgage payment and put it back.  But I check over my shoulder to see how beautiful it is as I’m walking away, and when I leave the store I check on it to make sure the price tag actually says what it says.

A taste for the finer things – that’s me.  And it’s genetic.  We’ll blame this one on Big Bob, as he’s so lovingly referred to in our family.  I can remember being a kid and hearing my mom talk about sending him to the grocery store and he came home with lobster (see family photo below).

Anyway, back to the wine… I like good wine, but it’s expensive!  So when Coopers Hawk came on the map in our area I was skeptical.  I gotta tell ‘ya though, their wine is reasonably priced and good (2 bottle/month club member right here!), and their food is pretty good too.

Last fall, a bunch of friends and I (hey, Gise, Jen, Hayley, Derek, Liane, and Jeffrey!) went to Cooper’s for a friends night out.  I tried their Butternut Squash and Spinach Gnocchi.  People, it’s delicious.  I went home and found the recipe, but buried it on my Pinterest page and didn’t think of it again… until this week.

I used pretty much this exact recipe; however, I swapped out regular gnocchi for whole wheat (Aldi’s was great) and used skim milk instead of cream.  Sauce still thickened up really nicely from the parmesan.  Reheats were delish.

Oh, and it went great with a nice red zinfandel. 😉

Dad and a 3-or-so year old me.

Dad and a 3-or-so year old me… with the lobster.


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